Island Estates N.V.

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In the early 1950's my parents, George A. Bauer and Lee W. Bauer visited Statia and fell in love with the beauty and peace.  They saw a future.  After my fathers retirement from the US Army they went to Statia and bought land at auction.  In 1964 Island Estates N.V. was formed.  My mother ran the the business.  Early on advertisement was done in military news papers only, the focus was on those who wished to retire in paradise.  And so began a community of retired military personnel.   She spent almost 30 years in the Dutch courts clearing titles so Island Estates N.V. can now guarantee clear title for every lot sold.  Through the years Island Estates N.V. has sold  property to people all over world.  A unique diverse community has formed and people not only enjoy retirement on our beautiful Island, they enjoy a life of relaxation filled with the beauty of Statia.  I was appointed Managing Director of the company after my mothers passing.  I along with my siblings continue the family business of selling property to an array of people who choose to build a home or make an investment in property.  Either way Island Estates N.V. is here to make your dreams come true.